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Algae Control Chemical

In the pond ecosystem, when organic matter gets decomposed it gives rise to NH3, H2S, CH4, and other gases. NH3 is oxidized to NO2 and further to NO3. NO3 is absorbed by algae and aquatic plants along with phosphate, which is available in water, giving rise to prolific algal bloom catalyzed by the presence of sunlight.

In order to solve the problem of algal bloom, BioXcell has developed a blend of eco-friendly microorganisms, which occurs naturally.

The microorganisms of Algal bloom control convert NH3 to NO2 and further oxidized to NO3, which is ready to use the form of nutrient for algae. Another group of microorganisms reduces NO2 and NO3 to elementary Nitrogen, which is not a consumable form of nitrogen source for algae. Thus the availability of NO3 to the algae is blocked or highly reduced, thereby making the algae starve from nutrients resulting in the death of algae and resist further multiplication. It also contains other microorganisms, which utilize NO3 and PO4 as their source of energy and compete with algae.

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