Immaculateness of Raw Materials and Preparation of Product: 

Details of essential generation technique: Pure Culture proliferation of Trichoderma viride from inclination culture. All media and dish sets are sanitized in an autoclave at 121oC for 20 minutes 

Points of interest of maturation substrate and process: 

The medium is sanitized in situ in the fermenter by steam 

The technique for acquiring the last item: Direct collect from the fermenter. After creation steps and/or medicines connected to get ready and store the item before fare: Carrier is Talc, or, in other words drying in a plate drier at 100oC for 10-12 hours The item subsequent to blending is put away in polythene packs contained in Plastic drums and put away in Air adapted rooms at 25-30oC. 

Quality Assurance/Quality control Procedures: 

The substrate arrangements are sifted to expel suspended issue before being added to the fermenter. In the process, Quality checks incorporate estimation of pH and occasional tiny perception of the way of life juices which is drawn aseptically. The juices and last powder are checked for a number of suitable conidia and parasitic issue and for an opportunity from tainting. 

Preventive Measures of Cross Contamination: 

The item is put away in twofold lined polythene sacks contained in Plastic canisters and put away in Air molded rooms at 25-30oC. Bundling: Primary: 100g, 200g, 500g, and 1 kg. in LDPE sacks of at the very least 0.062 mm thickness and mouth warm fixed. Auxiliary: The polybags are pressed in 10 kg limit fold fiber containers of reasonable measurements according to ISI: 8190 (Part1) 1998 and safely shut. Transportation pressing: Two such CFCs are secured with HDPE woven sacks and safely shut. 

Testing and Quality Control Checks for Cross Contamination: 

Add up to Count for reasonable conidia and contagious issue on Selective Medium-ought to be at the very least 2 million CFU per gram Total Aerobic Microbial rely on Nutrient Agar for Bacterial pollution – ought to be not in excess of 1000 CFU per gram Test for pathogens like Escherichia coli and Salmonella – ought to be missing in one gram

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