Azospirillium 185

Azospirillium is an anaerobic bacterium which develops into a white, thick state on the semi-strong medium. It settles the air nitrogen in the dirt. It attacks the root arrangement of grasses like Digitaria, panicum, maize, sorghum, Triticum, and so forth and structures advantageous relationship with the root framework. The cells of Azospirillium settle nitrogen in the dirt. 


1. Include 12 grams of carboxymethylcellulose in 1 liter of suspension. It goes about as a pelleting specialist and causes the staying of creatures on the seeds. In this way, the life form is spread over the field alongside the seeds, amid sawing. 

2. Sprinkle the suspension specifically over the seeds on a sheet of polythene at that point blend the seeds with the suspension. 

3. Submerge the underlying foundations of the plants in the suspension just before transplantation. 


10 g/kg of seed. 

1 Kg of the item in 100 liters of water for root treatment. 

Yield reaction: 

1. Grain crops like rice, wheat, grain, and so on give high yield when their seeds are treated with Azospirillium just before sowing. 

2. The grains of Azospirillium regarded Sorghum Vulgare CSH5 give as considerably higher yield as 63.6%. 

3. Amid rice transplantation, root zone is deep in Azospirillium suspension. This expands straw and seed yield. 

4. Azospirillium additionally expands yield of millet. 

5. This expansion is because of the creation of amino acids, gibberellic corrosive and cytokinins by the microscopic organisms. 


The item comes in 1 kg packs with 15 x 109 CFU/Kg alongside appropriate transporter.

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