Bacillus Megaterium With Neem Cake 185

Bacillus megaterium is a Gram-positive bacterium. It has the ability to change over shake phosphate or inorganic phosphates into straightforward natural phosphates. The natural phosphates exist as mineral acids or natural acids which are promptly used by the higher plants for their survival. 

In the dirt, phosphates are available in the mix with calcium, press, aluminum, and so on. They are insoluble in water and are changed over into the dissolvable phosphates by the movement of Bacillus megaterium. It likewise creates natural acids like formic corrosive, acidic corrosive, succinic corrosive, and so forth in the soil. These acids respond with shake phosphates and make them solvent in water and soil. At times they discharge hydroxy acids which likewise convert the stone phosphate into natural dissolvable phosphates. 

Neem cake: 

Neem cake has a high pesticidal movement. It has in excess of 20 dynamic elements for pesticidal activity and the nuisances discover hard to pick up protection from every one of these fixings. It is safe to predators of the irritations and people. Azadirachtin is a functioning fixing which goes about as bug repellant, creepy crawly development disruptor, an antifeedant. Neem cake itself when gets decayed by microbial activity in soil expands the supplement profile of the dirt. Neem cake is extremely viable for yields like brinjal, cucumber, okra, sesame, rice, sorghum, French been, tomato, chickpea, wheat, cotton, cashew, banana, pigeon pea, groundnut and so on. Thinking about the certainties, the item has been defined for getting a high return of yields, quick development rate and avoidance from nuisance and different creepy crawlies, both in soil and plant itself. 


Every Kilogram of the item contains 1000 x 109 CFU of Bacillus megaterium and Neem cake. 


2 kg for each ha. 


Blend the above portion with 50 kg of ranch yard compost for 1 ha and communicate over the field. 


Avoid the utilization of anti-microbial synthetic compounds after the use of the item.


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