Beauveria Bassiana

Beauveria bassiana is a growth which has an expansive host extend. It controls different vermin, similar to caterpillars, sucking irritation, whitefly, Heliothis, Spodoptera, dark moth, white ants and so forth it additionally controls organic product exhausts, bollworms in tomato, cotton, chilies, red gram and so on. what's more, whiteflies in cotton, brinjal and root grubs in sugarcane. It controls both the larval and pupal phases of the creepy crawlies. Its method of action isn't by ingestion however by contact. The growth attack the host fingernail skin through the body divider and the conidia develop on the creepy crawly fingernail skin by delivering germ tubes which infiltrate into the body divider. The mycelia create in the hemocoel of the hatchlings and later the larval body is totally embalmed and secured by a thick white mycelial tangle prompt the passing pursued by outer sporulation. It can cause epizootics to the host. 


1 kg/section of land 


Blend the item with 100 liters of water and shower over the plants with a mechanical sprayer or 50 liters of mineral oil with 1 kg of the item. 


Forestall utilization of fungicidal synthetic substances 5 days when the use of Beauveria bassiana is utilized in farming, as protected. It is in every case better to wash hands with a cleanser subsequent to taking care of. Counteract coordinate inward breath and eye to eye connection of the spores. In the event of contact with the eye, wash with clean water. Counsel a medicinal specialist if any disorder shows up. 


Each Kilogram of the item contains 100 billion CFU of Beauveria bassiana alongside an appropriate transporter.


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