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Biomax Manure

Guaranteed Nutrients 

Free amino acids: 9,0 % w/w. 

Add up to Nitrogen (N): 9,0 % w/w. 

Agri Effects : 

BIOMAX is a bio-stimulant produced using amino acids of the vegetable source. These amino acids are acquired through enzymatic hydrolysis which has a place with the gathering of hydrolases. With Biomax, the plant gets the required amino acids which make it superfluous the utilization of extra vitality for amino acids biosynthesis. 

Thusly, the reaction of the plant to a foliar application is quick. The consequences of root application are likewise amazing. 

BIOMAX advances the improvement of the yields through the incitement of the physiological elements of the plants (growing, blooming, and setting). It builds the bore of the organic products, consequently, acquiring a higher quality yield. It progresses the reap that encourages the presentation of the items into less immersed markets. 

BIOMAX is a manure which enhances the product even in unpleasant circumstances (plagues, ices, dry season, and so on.) Moreover, it frames a penetrable film that ensures the cutaneous surface of the plant, going about as a help to pesticides which are connected to it. Therefore, the beneficial execution of the products increments in the wake of applying Biomax. 

Measurements and Applications 

Foliar application: 

Citrus and organic product trees: 300-500 cm3/hl. 

Vegetables: 200-350 cm3/hl. 

Blooms and elaborate plants: 250-350 cm3/hl. 

Tropical organic product trees: 200-300 cm3/hl. 

Olive trees and vines: 300-500 cm3/hl. 

Herbaceous and woody products: 300-500 cm3/hl. 


Citrus and organic product trees: 12-18 l/ha. 

Vegetables: 3-12 l/ha. 

Blooms and elaborate plants: 3-8 l/ha. 

Tropical organic product trees: 12-18 l/ha. 

Olive trees and vines: 15-20 l/ha. 

Herbaceous and woody products: 15-20 l/ha. 

Alerts : 

BIOMAX is perfect with most manures and phytosanitary items. Try not to blend with mineral oils and items that contain sulfur or copper. It isn't prescribed to blend with antacid response items. 

Keep up out of the compass of kids. 

Keep up out of contact with foodstuffs, refreshments and creature feed. 

Introduction : 

1 l. , 5 l. , 20 l. what's more, 230 l. compartments.

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