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Equinex Aquaculture Probiotic

Equine has been of great importance to mankind since time immemorial. People use horses of various breeds to serve their purpose. According to the type of work they do, their nutrient requirement also varies. Horses may be broadly grouped as follows considering their energy expenses i.e. maintenance or horse at rest, working or riding, pregnancy, lactation and growth. Horse owners follow several guidelines to determine how much feed and what kind of feed their horses need. Still there is always a paucity of nutrients in the feeds that are given at stable after storage. Apart from it the nutrient requirement of each group varies and it cannot be sufficed with the same source. From this many horse owners find difficulty to cope up with the adverse problems and disorders that arises due to nutrient deficiency or imbalance.

In order to solve these problems, BioXcell comes up with a formulation of vitamins, minerals and probiotics which will serve the requirements of all groups of equine at various stages. 


The minerals and vitamins keep the animal strong, healthy and prevent from diseases. It also puts an extra shine on the horse. The blend of naturally occurring probiotic microorganisms used in the product will

  1. enhance digestion,
  2. facilitate absorption of nutrients,
  3. keep the lumen of intestine healthy and
  4. compete with pathogenic micro-organisms and finally eliminate them from the intestine,
  5. increase resistance to diseases.


Each 100 g contains

Vitamin A

Vitamin B1

Vitamin B2

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B12

Vitamin C

Vitamin D3

Vitamin E

Vitamin K


Calcium pantothenate

Choline chloride

Folic acid











L Lysine

Probiotic microorganisms

60000 IU

24 mg

42 mg

26 mg

120 mg

1000 mg

12000 mg

120 mg

20 mg

120 mg

180 mg

600 mg

12 mg

12 mg

18 mg

2.2 mg

2 mg

263 mg

132 mg

13.2 mg

245 mg

6 mg

1 mg

1.5 mg

2 billion CFU

Dosage: Working horse: 100 g per animal per day Pony / maintenance horse: 50 g per animal per day


Mix the required dose of the product with feed concentrate or in water. Do not mix in hot condition.

Storage: Store in a cool dry place.

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