A powerful blend of normally happening microorganisms : 

Builds accessibility of supplements for wellbeing, development and higher yields 

Controls soil and root attacking pathogens and bugs 

Reestablishes agreeable soil microflora 

Appropriate for all products 

Nature has blessed soil with its own arrangement of battling illnesses. The useful microorganisms that overwhelm the sickness causing microbes, helping plants become sound and infection allowed to give higher yields of predominant quality. Be that as it may, the aimless utilization of synthetic concoctions and composts and control of other soil conditions cause unequal microbial populaces. Subsequently, soil loses its capacity to battle infections causing pathogens and yields fall. 

The arrangement is to enhance soil with countless happening valuable soil microorganisms, which enable the harvests to develop vivaciously and battle sicknesses. 

Gromax - FS: Blended for results 

Gromax - FS is a think of painstakingly chosen soil microorganisms with demonstrated capacity. It contains a mix of the most notable advantageous normally happening microorganisms to give quality and soundness to crops 

Gromax - FS: 100 % Natural The microorganisms in Gromax - FS are disconnected from the dirt, their characteristic living space. They are available in their normally happening structure and are not hereditarily built. The item contains the asserted quality of life forms in view of strict quality confirmation. The preferred standpoint: 15, 00,000 million settlement shaping units (CFU) per kg and a long timeframe of realistic usability. 

Gromax - FS: Fights soil-conceived sicknesses Gromax - FS contains dynamic microorganisms, which duplicate quickly. They shape new settlements of good soil organisms, which contend with terrible microorganisms and preemptively devour similar assets (supplements, oxygen and so on.) and furthermore help in reactivating other gainful neighborhood microflora. This procedure of aggressive prohibition brings down and controls the populaces of hurtful pathogens like Fusarium, Phytophthora, Rhizoctonia, Pythium, red decay, pass on back, Pseudomonas, Xanthomonas, and other root-borne infections and even nematodes. 

Gromax - FS: Helps Phosphate accessibility Phosphorous is a noteworthy supplement for inciting incredible development and furthermore adding to their ailment opposition. Just 10 to 15 % of phosphate connected is used by the plant. The parity 85 to 90 % stays in the insoluble frame in the dirt. PSB (Phosphate solubilizing Bacteria) develop and emit natural acids, which break up this inaccessible phosphate and make it accessible to the plants. In this manner the leftover phosphatic manures in the dirt can be very much used and outside application can be advanced. 

Gromax - FS: Decomposes junk and natural issue Green excrements and sugarcane waste are famously connected to the soil as natural composts. Except if reasonable soil organisms are available, the plant material isn't effectively disintegrated. Gromax - FS comprises of quickly developing microorganisms that deliver different compounds to decay cellulose and other plant material into an effortlessly degradable natural issue. 

Gromax - FS: Stimulates plant development and increment accessibility of supplements Gromax - FS advances the development of attractive soil microorganisms and makes a helpful "smaller scale condition" in the root-zone. This thusly helps in the transformation of soil components including phosphorous into plant accessible shape, animating root development and effective supplement take-up bringing about incredible plant development. 

Gromax - FS: Improves soil structure Gromax - FS enhances the dirt structure by decaying soil natural and expanding humus level in the dirt thus helping in better dampness maintenance and enhance buffering properties of the dirt. 

Gromax - FS: Easy to apply Gromax - FS is water-solvent and can be specifically connected to the soil through dribble water system or splashing. 

Gromax – FS: Non-harmful Gromax - FS was tried for its oral poisonous quality in pale skinned person rodents and it was accounted for to be sheltered at the portion-level of 2.0 grams for every kg body weight of rodents and subsequently non-lethal, non-destructive and ok for utilize. 

Prescribed measurement and application: 

Measurements: 1 Kg/section of land at the season of soil arrangement/dynamic phase of advancement. Gromax - FS ought to be disintegrated inadequate nature of water and connected to the dirt. For Foliar splash: 3 grams disintegrated in one liter of water Gromax - FS is made by Microbax (India) Limited, the biggest producer of probiotics in India utilizing modern PC controlled fermenters. 

Relevant plants: 

Grapes, vegetables, sugarcane, date palms, elastic, corn/child corn, chilies, gardens, nurseries, cloves, citrus, cardamom, fig, mango, pomegranate, vanilla, ginger, pepper, tea, espresso, strawberry, turmeric, turmeric, cotton, banana, tobacco, apple, onion, roses, gerbera, orchids, jasmine and so forth. Gromax - FS is additionally being utilized for post collect safeguarding of Grapes, and for control of fine mold in grapes and furthermore for the control of coarse bug on roses and natural product crops.


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