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Metarhizium Sp 185 Organic Pesticide

Metarhizium sp. is frequently imperative in regular control of flies, aphids, termites, beetles, red-headed cockchafer, steers ticks and creepy crawlies like grasshopper and insects. It has application to an extensive variety of products. In contrast to other potential operators, organisms don't need to be ingested to contaminate their hosts however attack specifically through the fingernail skin, thus can possibly be utilized for control of an extensive variety of creepy crawlies. 


The plan if an item with live conidia (spores) as the dynamic fixing and transporters of the conidia. The conidia when interacts with the fingernail skin of the creepy crawlies, grow and deliver an infiltrating germ tube and build up a fundamental disease which kills the host in 7 to 21 days relying upon conditions, particularly temperature and portion. Most Metarhizium sp. deliver harmful material called destruxin which has insecticidal property. It likewise can contaminate over an extensive variety of mugginess. At death, the host creepy crawly will contain loaded with contagious mycelia which develop out through the fingernail skin to shape another age of conidia outside the dead body. This will offer ascent to crisp pervasion of accommodating Metarhizium sp. for the harvests. 


1 Kg/section of land 


Soil: After starting ploughing, apply inside the dirt wrinkle at a profundity of 10 to 15 cm and proceed with another ploughing to cover the conidia. Presentation to over warming, parching and UV, impedes the suitability. 

Foliar splash: Mix the required portion of the item with mineral oil and shower with a mechanical sprayer after legitimate blending. 


The item comes in 1 kg pack having 


100 x 109 CFU per Kg.

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