Multistrain Probiotic Water

Aquaculture ponds need to have good water quality. It is recommended that transparency should be 30 cm. If turbidity increases, it hampers in light penetration and decreases production. The turbid water contains many suspended organic matter along with minerals. When organic suspensions get decayed, it produces toxic and malodorous gases such as NH3, H2S, CH4 etc. The color of water also changes and causes an anoxic condition in the water with very high values of BOD and COD, making the culture animals highly stressed. The culture animals start surfacing, gasping for air, become lethargic, stop feeding and finally die. These unhealthy conditions of water serve as a good harboring place for pathogenic microorganisms, causing various diseases.

The product contains six species of Bacillus in spore form and one strain of fungus. The microorganisms have long shelf-life up to five years. They produce various enzymes such as pectinase, protease, amylase, alpha and beta-galactosidase, lipase, xylanase, cellulase etc., which degrade organic matter into simpler forms, which may be easily utilized by the primary producers resulting to clear water free from toxic materials.

Brew the product @ 10 liters water per Kilogram of the product along with the content of the brewing material provided for about 12 hours. Aerate the mixture with an indoor aerator or agitate at frequent intervals for proper mixing and distribution of nutrients. Making up the volume up to 100 liters with water of the same pond and spread on the pond surface. Put on the aerator of the pond for some time for proper mixing and distribution of the microorganisms in the pond water.

1 Kg per acre meter of a pond and subsequent application of 500 g at an interval of 15 days. Application of probiotic may be stopped before 15 days of harvesting. A dosage of application may also be adjusted as instructed by aquaculture consultants.


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