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Ph Regulator


Pond water used for aquaculture needs to be of good quality. A successful harvest of aqua crop can be obtained only after having good quality water, feed and seed. pH plays a major role in the culture system. It is expected to be within the range of 7 to 8.7 for brackish water aquaculture and 7 to 8.5 for mariculture. When pH is in extreme conditions, both in acidic or in basic range, it causes adverse effects in the property of soil and water with respect to their nutrient retention. When pH is high, the toxicity of CH4, H2S and other heavy metals increases. It also favours the growth of many pathogenic microorganisms such as Vibrio spp.

PRODUCT: Each kilogram of the product contains 10000 billion viable spores. They produce various enzymes, which degrade organic matter into simpler forms, which may be easily utilized by the primary producers and other microorganisms as their source of energy and maintenance, resulting in clear water free from toxic materials. While degrading the waste materials the organisms produce organic acids as their byproducts, which drastically brings down pH of the water. These microorganisms remain in water for a fairly long time and perform their action of fixing pH when their nutrients (toxic materials) become abundant in the pond ecosystem. These microorganisms kill pathogens and protect the culturing stock from diseases.

DIRECTION OF APPLICATION:Brew the required amount of the product @ 10 litres of water per Kilogram of product with about 250 grams of jaggery and 50 grams of shrimp or fish pellet feed for about 12 hours (overnight) and spread on the pond surface after making up the volume to 100 litres with water.

DOSAGE:1 Kg per hectare meter of pond and subsequent application of 500 g at an interval of 15 days. Application of probiotic may be stopped before 15 days of harvesting. Dosage of application may also be adjusted as instructed by aquaculture consultants.

7. It fixes the pH of the water
8. It keeps the pond water clear, by reducing excess suspended organic matter.
9. It keeps the water free from toxic materials
10. It optimises the dissolved oxygen level.
11. Brings down BOD and COD.
12. Eliminates pathogenic microorganisms.

Store in a cool dry place.


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