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Probiotic For Soft Shell Or Loose Shell For Shrimp

When stocking density is high, the nutrients in the pond and feed are not sufficient to keep the shrimp or prawn healthy. There is always an accumulation of high rate of toxic gases, which make the shrimp or prawn sluggish and retard the feeding rate. The polluted pond ecosystem harbors various pathogenic microorganisms, which causes various abnormalities, hampering normal function and growth of the animals. It also causes hormonal imbalance in the body of shrimp or prawn. All these factors give rise to improper molting or loose shell or soft shell. This can be rectified by supplementing the feed with enriched nutrients mainly vitamins and minerals along with viable micro organisms, which multiply inside the gut of the animal, secreting digestive enzymes, which enhances digestion and optimum absorption of nutrients containing in the feed. These microorganisms also hamper the growth of pathogenic microorganisms in their body.

The product is a free flowing, white to off white powder with characteristic smell. It contains pure strains of viable microorganisms cultured in highly sanitized laboratory. It also contains various minerals and vitamins which will keep the shrimp or prawn healthy, making the shell firm and maintains natural colour and texture.

Mix 4 to 5 g of the product with 1 Kg of feed along with a suitable binder and dry in shade. Do not mix all the feed at a time. Mix only the required ration of the day.

Store in a cool dry place.

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