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Vibriosis Probiotic Soil Pesticide

Vibriosis (luminescent bacterial disease) is caused by Vibrio harveyi and later associated with many secondary infections. When Hydrogen sulfide content in pond soil and water is high, accumulation and activity of Vibrio sp. is accelerated. It oxidizes NH3, S, and Fe as a source of its energy. It thrives well in saline condition. Again when Hydrogen sulfide content is high, pH of soil and water also increases, which is favorable for active multiplication of Vibrio. Thus, for solving the problem of Vibriosis, soil and water should be optimized at desirable conditions.

Anorexia and behavioral changes
Makes the shrimps luminescent
Mortality up to 100 %
Opaque muscle
Branching of tough and pigmented filaments in tissues
Black or brown, cuticular lesions
Highly reduced feed intake
Melanisation of tips of appendages
Necrosis and inflammation in the lymphoid organ
Rod-shaped slightly curved bacteria can be observed within the tissue under a microscope

This product contains naturally occurring beneficial microorganisms, which are cultured in well sanitized, laboratory, following ISO standards. It is a blend of pure strains of microorganisms. It contains microorganisms, which act against Vibrio thereby eliminating from the pond ecosystem and also making the nature of the pond hostile to Vibrio but friendly to the culturing stock. The microbes also keep the pond water and soil clean, devoid of fouling agents.

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