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Progut Antibiotic Substance

Acts as Immuno Modulators
Dominates pathogenic microbes
Eliminates odor problems.
Fights Candida, E Coli., Salmonella
Imparts Disease Resistance Power.
Improves digestion and absorption of Nutrients.
Improves FCR
Lowers Gut pH
Maintains natural Flora
Reduces Ammonia and Nitrites in the litter
Reduces Crop Time
Reduces the quantity of Litter
Reduces the incidence of Fly and Maggot menace.
Reduces the need for Antibiotics.
Reduces Wet Litter 

Lactobacillus acidophilus:
They produce lactic acid as the main product from carbohydrates. Produces enzymes like amylases, phytases, proteases, and lipases and also adequate b complex vitamins which help in reducing the ph and in preventing pathogens. They are able to act to help destroy hostile invading bacteria by producing natural antibiotic substances. They are able to help lessen the proliferation of hostile yeasts such as candida albicans. When the intestinal microflora is disturbed)the lactobacilli can be adversely affected) under the influence of oral antibiotic therapy, or stress conditions, the use of supplemental acidophilus, in food or concentrated form, can reverse such negative processes. The regular use of acidophilus bacteria as a supplement or in food is a protective means against the imbalance of the intestinal microflora. They are able to help reduce the level of cholesterol thus lessening the dangers of cardiovascular complications. They are able to suppress undesirable micro-organisms in the intestine, by some competitive means like a creation of lactic acid and other inhibitory substances. They enhance and allow digestion of milk sugar (lactose) by producing the enzyme lactase and generally aid in the digestion of nutrients.

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