Prohen With Compo Poultry Feed Probiotic


All the nutrients in the feed do not reach the birds. It is either reduced or wasted during handling, processing, storage and feeding, resulting to deficient in nutrients and become stunted in growth, inferior quality of eggs and prone to diseases.


Spores of the Probiotic microorganisms germinate in duodenum and transform into vegetative cells and increase their number by repeated multiplication and they produce sufficient quantity of Lactic acid, thus creating acidic environment in the intestine. This helps in growth of indigenous normal microbial flora and helps in bringing back disturbed microbial flora to normalcy and the lactic acid produced prevents the growth of enteric pathogens and putrefactive bacteria.
The probionts produce efficacious substances as that of vitamin B-Complex and Vitamin-K. They also serve as a source of amino acids to their hosts. They play a role in diminishing the number of pathogenic bacteria. Probiotic microorganisms also assimilate cholesterol into the intestine and do not allow entrance into the blood stream there by reducing cholesterol level in blood.


  • It substantially improves food conversion ratio.

  • Stimulates immune system by establishing a positive micro-flora in the intestine.

  • Improves litter consistency.

  • Prevents diarrhea and reduces ammonia level in the gastro intestinal tract.

  • Enhances production of β-lymphocytes, responsible for immunity development.

  • Increases hemoglobin level in blood.

  • Reduces cholesterol level in blood.

  • Strengthens nervous and reproductive systems.

  • Reduces feed cost.

  • Prevents from diseases like Coccidiostats and viral infections.

  • Improves egg laying capacity

  • Enhances appetite and digestion and absorption of nutrients.

  • Helps to overcome stress, reduces mortality and improves fertility.

Dosage and direction of use:
Mix 5 grams per 100 litres of water.
Composition: Consortium of probiotics containing 500,000 millions CFU per Kg.
Store in a cool dry place.

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