Pseudomonas Putida

Pseudomonas putida happens in most calm soils and waters, especially dirtied soils. It is a nourishing entrepreneur second to none and metabolically adaptable microorganism that reuse natural squanders in oxygen-consuming condition, in this manner assume a key job in support of ecological quality. Pseudomonas putida is to a great degree adaptable and occupied with different capacities, for example, 

1. Component cycling in soil, 

2. The debasement of waste in nature, 

3. Reusing of biogenic and xenobiotic natural mixes, 

4. Development advancement of plants, 

5. Shields plants from pathogens and parasites. 

There are no known strains of Pseudomonas putida that are pathogenic to creatures and plants. It is hence that Pseudomonas putida is viewed as ecofriendly and widely utilized in different fields of horticulture, bioremediation and so forth. 


Seeds: Mix the item with water and drench the seed medium-term in the arrangement. Deplete out the water and saw it. 

Soil application: Mix the item with homestead yard excrement and communicate it over the dirt. 

Foliar application: Mix the item with water and keep medium-term. Make up the volume up to 100 liters and splash on the foliar part with a mechanical sprayer. 

Root zone treatment: While transplanting nurseries, profound the roots in the bacterial suspension for 30 minutes and transplant the seedlings at the readied beds. 


Every Kilogram of the item contains 25 billions of Pseudomonas putida alongside suitable transporters. 


Every kilogram of the item contains 2 billion CFU Pseudomonas putida. 


Avoid utilization of bactericidal synthetic compounds after use of Pseudomonas putida. It is in every case better to wash hands with a cleanser in the wake of dealing with. Avoid coordinate inward breath and eye to eye connection of the spores. In case of contact with the eye, wash with clean water. Counsel a restorative expert if any disorder shows up.


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