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Soil And Water Probiotics

Aquaculture overview:

A successful aquaculture depends on the quality of soil, water, seed and feed. A good quality of soil, water, seed and feed always give a successful yield under skillful management practices. The ponds often accumulate with uneaten feed materials, excretions of culturing stocks, moulted shells, dead algae and surface run off organic matters carried by wind and water. When all these materials remain un-degraded or partly degraded in reduced oxygen condition, malodorous and toxic gases such as H2S and NH3 get developed. Toxic gases such as CH4, NO2 and others are also produced. These gases give rise to stress to the culturing stock resulting in loss of appetite, sluggishness, gasping for oxygen etc. and ultimately results to reduction in growth and mortality. The organic matter remains settled at the bottom, making a layer of scum, which on prolonged accumulation raises the pond bottom and makes a good harbor for the pathogens to proliferate various disease. The finer organic particles remain suspended in water making turbid. These phenomenon exhibit high values of BOD and COD in the pond and very low level of dissolved oxygen.

Our product:
In order to solve these problems, BioXcell has developed this product, using a consortium of naturally occurring, eco-friendly microorganisms along with Sea-weed Extract, Yucca, minerals and micro Nutrients at adequate proportions in order to perform their specific actions. The organisms are cultured and mass propagated in highly sanitized laboratory and production units following ISO quality norms. These microorganisms utilize toxic materials for their normal function and growth. They also produce enzymes, which digest complex forms such as protein, carbohydrate, cellulose, fats etc. to simpler forms so that primary producers may readily utilize it. This product also contains nitrifying and denitrifying bacteria. 

Each kilogram of the product contains 20000 billion viable spores. It is a free flowing powder, white to off white to off white  in colour.

ÄDirection of application:

Brew the required amount of the product @ 10 liters of water per Kilogram of product with about 250 grams of jiggery and 50 grams of shrimp or fish pellet feed for about 12 hours and spread on the pond surface after making up the volume to 100 liters with water.



Days of culture

Dose of probiotic (g/Ha.)

Stocking densities.

Upto 10/ sq. m.

More than 10/sq. m.

1 days before stocking

7 days after stocking

22 days after stocking

37 days after stocking

52 days after stocking

67 days after stocking

82 days after stocking

97 days after stocking

112 days after stocking

127 days after stocking





















Application of This may be stopped before 10 days of harvesting. For further continuation of culture, same dose as in 127th day may be applied.

Dosage of application may also be adjusted as instructed by aquaculture consultants.


  1. It keeps the pond bottom and water clean, by degrading sediments and excess suspended organic matters.

  2. It keeps the pond free from toxic materials and gases.

  3. It increases the dissolved oxygen level.

  4. It brings down BOD and COD levels.

  5. It keeps off malodor.

  6. It keeps the pond free from pathogenic microorganisms.

  7. It controls algal bloom.

  8. The microorganisms can work in all regions of the pond.

  9. The microorganisms have the tolerable range of 0 to 50 ppt salinity.

ÄStorage: Store in a cool dry place.

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