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Vitargo is an exceptional starch since it is uncommonly handled to yield a high sub-atomic weight profile that is hugely not quite the same as the carbs that makeup sugars (e.g. glucose, fructose, sucrose) and maltodextrin found in a standard game, vitality, and recuperation drinks. 

The very respected crude starch of Vitargo comes principally from extraordinarily chose and strict non-GMO contract cultivating in the south-east of Sweden. The agriculturist claimed helpful plant in south-east Sweden where Vitargo is delivered is totally electronic and controlled to guarantee the most noteworthy quality review accessible. The Vitargo powder is prepared in a "shut framework", in a processing plant which just creates starch, so there is no danger of sullying. 


Vitargo is demonstrated to work in competitors—in companion assessed distributed college studies.* Part of the mystery of Vitargo's innovation is its atomic size. Researchers utilize atomic weight (how overwhelming the particle is) to decide the extent of particles. As appeared in the table, Vitargo is a large number of times bigger than maltodextrin and sucrose (dextrose). 


High Molecular Weight Vitargo 500,000 to 700,000 

Maltodextrin 1,000 to 10,000 

Starch syrup 250 to 1,000 Sucrose (Dextrose) 180 

Vitargo's bigger size limits its osmolality, which alludes to how much water it draws in around itself, or maneuvers into your digestion tracts. Vitargo's low osmolality enables it to travel through the stomach quicker than different starches, which tend to act more like a wipe in the stomach. This encourages you to feel emptier contrasted with some other starch drink. Investing less energy in the stomach enables Vitargo to be conveyed quicker to the intestinal tract where it is quickly processed and ingested. This gives a close prompt jolt of energy to blood and muscle, better than other normal carbohydrates.* After preparing or rivalry, Vitargo recuperates glycogen stores quicker, considering an expansion in performance.* 


Vitargo begins exhausting from your stomach in only 10 minutes: in excess of 2 times quicker than the other known quick carb, maltodextrin. Inside 10 minutes Vitargo is headed to convey high-octane carbs to your muscle and cerebrum cells to fuel your preparation. Vitargo is an unpredictable starch that is so quickly exhausted from the stomach and completely absorbable that there is no feeling of stomach totality. That implies that you can fuel and refuel on the fly amid your activity sessions with for all intents and purposes all the vitality that you have to beat the test! 


Vitargo passes the entryways over of sugar fuel recharging, inspiring glucose to muscle cells quicker. Your cerebrum gets the flag that you have fuel on board—full speed ahead to consume vitality! Presently these carbs know precisely where to go—they move toward becoming fuel for your muscles to prepare hard, and calorie consumes and after consume are boosted! Preparing impact and chiseling are optimized!* 


Vitargo prompted about 2 times higher and quicker muscle fuel recuperation only 2 hours after thorough exercise. Prepare, and prepare again that day. After exercise you can consolidate Vitargo with your most loved protein for quantifiable recuperation—quantifiable execution enhancement!* 


Vitargo is among an uncommon type of enhancements with free college based logical research backing up each and every case! Directed by world-class researchers, various distributed investigations set up the physiologic pathway that Vitargo, the key starch fixing in Vitargo, takes in the body to be the Fastest Body Fuel: from the stomach to the digestive system to circulation system to muscle cells, and eventually to the help of improved execution and recovery. 


Vitargo can be stacked with your most loved non-carb supplements (protein, pre-exercise, amino acids, electrolytes, creatine, and so on.). A clinical report demonstrated that stacking Vitargo with L-carnitine prompted quantifiable advantages for competitors. L-carnitine alone did nothing. Vitargo enhances the assimilation and capacity of creatine. Stacking protein with Vitargo is an ideal recuperation strategy.* 


Vitargo is a licensed, unadulterated, interesting, normally happening non-GMO grain starch segregate that is genuine, sans gluten, and free of included sugar. 


Each clump of Vitargo is autonomously lab tried and confirmed to be unadulterated and free of prohibited substances after cGMP producing by Banned Substances Control Group (BSCG). Each cluster of Vitargo is ELISA lab tried and ensured without gluten after CGMP manufacturing.


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