For ideal harvest sustenance, soil digestion, building soil ripeness and structure: 

The advancement of Fertex is focused on the investigation of the dirt organic cycles. This brought about a material, which fitted perfectly into the dirt metabolic cycles, without unsettling influence to the dirt. At the end of the day 'Fertex' speaks to as close as is conceivable, the aggregate soil framework, not only a bit. 

Fertex underpins the dirt procedures permitting organic complexing of supplements added to soil, alongside regular supplements, for example, natural issue and soil minerals. 

Fertex contains a pool of microorganisms, which help in solubilizing phosphates, settling nitrogen, breaking down a natural issue and battling against contagious sicknesses like root spoil, wither and so on. 

Fertex is finished and normally mind-boggling. This enables it to mix into the normal framework as it is a replication of this framework and separated from giving major and minor supplements incorporates immaterial side-effects of such a framework, which are so vital for ideal outcomes. 

The dirt is an entire framework where the key players, the plant and the microflora exist in a nearby and advantageous relationship, they are essentially associated and bury related. 

Fertex contains microorganisms, when added to soil react to the root exudates and the dirt condition to create the co-metabolites, which increment the rate of soil digestion and furthermore humification. 

Fertex which is improved with microorganisms goes about as an interface with the plant root exudates in incitement and heading of the indigenous microbial populaces in the proficient assimilation of data sources making them more accessible to the plants the complexing of the humic part which go about as development factors, the generation of stable supplement and water stockpiling limit and aiding the formation of pore space and soil conglomeration steadiness. 

The rich natural issue and the microbial populace are vital fixings in soil metabolic procedures will an extreme point of a more maintainable soil framework for higher yield, better profitability and giving opposition against sicknesses. 

Fertex is gotten from a mind-boggling maturation procedure of normally - happening microorganisms. 

Builds the accessibility and solubilization of supplements. 

Builds the accessibility of composts 

Normally complexed exceptionally accessible NPK source microbial 100 % natural 

A 100 % natural biomass enhanced with microorganisms 

Builds the accessibility of micronutrients. 

FERTEX Enriched natural compost :

Fertex is produced using 100 % natural issue and contains natural biomass

advanced with microorganisms. 

Builds the accessibility and solubilization of supplements. 

Gives full scale and miniaturized scale supplements. 

Builds the water holding limit of the dirt. 

Enhances the humus content in the dirt. 

Animates microbial movement in the dirt and advances the development of plants and their yield.


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