Pro-cleanx Soil And Water Probiotics

Soil and Water Probiotics for Aquaculture use only

Composition: Each 1 kg contains
Bacillus Subtilis
Bacillus Megatherium
Bacillus Lecheniformis
Bacillus Polymixa
Bacillus Firmus
Bacillus Mesentricus
Clostridium Butyricum
Cellulomonas Cartae
Aspergillus Oryzae
Thiobacillus Denitrificans
Perococcus Denitrificans

It keeps the pond bottom and water clean, by degrading sediments and excess suspended organic matter.
It keeps the pond free from toxic materials and gases.
It increases the dissolved oxygen level.
It brings down BOD and COD levels.
It keeps off malodor & Controls algal bloom.
It keeps the pond free from pathogenic micro-organisms.
The micro-orgaqnisms can work in the all regions of the pond.
The microorganisms have the tolerable range of 0 to 50 ppt salinity.

Probiotic Blend contains 12x10 to the power 9 CFU/gm

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