Lacto Care

(Probiotic animal feed supplement specially formulated for dairy animal)

A live microbial feed supplement along with vitamins and minerals specially formulated for dairy animals.


  1. Improves milk yield, fat content and density
  2. Improves feed conversion
  3. Reduces digestive upsets
  4. Eliminates the activity of harmful pathogens
  5. Maintains a healthy, balanced gut micro flora
  6. Increases resistance to stress and diseases

Ruminants like buffalos and cows depend on rumen performance. Microbial action in the rumen breaks down fibers, starches and protein into absorbable nutrients. These nutrients are used for growth, maintenance and milk production. Billions of bacteria and other organisms co-exist in an orchestrated balance during rumen fermentation, providing a major part of dairy cows / buffalos energy and protein needs. This balance can be significantly affected by stress, disease and ration changes.

When beneficial populations of these microbes are negatively impacted, fewer nutrients are made available to the ruminant animal. Performance suffers and the animal becomes less productive.

Lacto care: When Lacto care is administered along with feed the beneficial microbes along with other nutrients present in Lacto care start acting in the rumen. As a result the animal expresses higher level of production performance can withstand stress better and resist to disease.

It is a well-known fact that with the use of microbes in feed the animals peak earlier in lactation, produce more milk and milk fat percentage.

Lacto care is brought to you by BioXcell Life Sciences Pvt. ltd., the biggest manufacturers of probiotics in India. The probiotics in Lacto care are manufactured using computer-controlled fermenters in a highly sophisticated facility.

COMPOSITION: Contains a consortium of probiotics fortified with vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

Each 500 g contains

Probiotics            30X10*9 CFU

Vitamin A            30000 IU

Vitamin B2            0.8IU

Vitamin D            2500 IU

Vitamin E            10 IU

Vitamin K            0.4mg

Vitamin B12            2mcg

Niacin amide            40 mg

Calcium            50 g

Phosphorous            5 g

Cobalt                8 mg

Copper                40 mg

Manganese            4 g

Iron                240 mg

Sodium            4 mg

Zinc                100 mg

L-Lysine            100 mg

DL-Methionine        100 mg

Chelated mineral mixture    25 g

DOSAGE: 15 g / animal / day

Storage: Store in a cool dry place.

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