Growth Promoter Shrimp1

A nutritionally balanced compounded diet must include an energy source with sufficient essential amino acids, essential fatty acids, and non-energy nutrients (Vitamins and minerals) to maintain and promote growth. Any imbalance of these nutrients may have a sparing action that would affect the efficacy of conversion of food by the organisms.

In most feeds, the nutrients incorporated are not reached to the shrimps due to poor water stability of the feeds. In order to avail an optimum dietary requirement, feed supplements are essential to incorporate while feeding.

This product is especially formulated in order to meet the dietary requirement of shrimps. The constituents of the product viz. amino acids, vitamins, enzymes, minerals and probiotics, as follows.

1. Essential and semi-essential amino acids: Since essential amino acids are not at all synthesized in the body, it is very much essential to incorporate in feeds for normal growth and performance of shrimps. Though semi-essential amino acids are synthesized in small quantities in the body, it is not sufficient to support the requirement. Thus it is needed to be supplemented in lesser quantity.

2. Vitamins: These are complex and essential organic trace elements. They carry out various physiological functions. The body of shrimp cannot synthesize vitamins except some of it. Vitamins perform various functions in the metabolic activity of shrimps.


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