A complete feed supplement of probiotic microorganisms, fortified with amino acids, vitamins, enzymes and minerals for poultry

Economical poultry production depends on the quality and quantity of nutrient content in feed. Birds obtaining diets, deficient in nutrients are stunted in growth and unhealthy with deformities either inside the body or outside. 

Lactobacillus sporogenes (Bacillus coagulans) is a new generation spore bearing lactic acid producing bacterium This helps in growth of indigenous normal microbial flora and helps in bringing back disturbed microbial flora to normal and the lactic acid produced prevents the growth of enteric pathogens and putrefactive bacteria.

Lactobacillus play a role in diminishing the number of pathogenic bacteria such as Coli-bacilli, Salmonella, Shigella, Pastuerella and other putrefactive bacteria and in suppressing production of harmful substances, such as ammonia, indoles, phenols and hydrogen sulphides. 

    1. It substantially improves food conversion ratio.
    2. Stimulates immune system by establishing a positive micro-flora in the intestine.
    3. Improves litter consistency.
    4. Prevents diarrhea and reduces ammonia level in the gastro intestinal tract.
    5. Enhances production of β-lymphocytes, responsible for immunity development.
    6. Maintains Calcium : Phosphorous ratio in the body, preventing leg weakness and breakage of eggs.
    7. Increases hemoglobin level in blood and reduces cholesterol level.
    8. Prevents from abnormalities in joints and bone, frizzled feathers, lesions and degeneration of liver and muscles.
    9. Strengthens nervous and reproductive systems. 
    10. Reduces feed cost.
    11. Prevents from diseases like Coccidiostats and viral infections.
    12. Improves egg laying capacity.
    13. Enhances appetite and digestion and absorption of nutrients.
    14. Helps to overcome stress, reduces mortality and improves fertility.

Dosage: Mix 500 grams per tonne of feed. Dose may be adjusted as per instruction of Veterinary practitioners.
Storage: Store in a cool dry place.

Composition: Each Kilogram contains
Vitamin A            300000 IU
Vitamin D3            60000 IU
Vitamin E            600 mg
Vitamin K            100 mg
Vitamin B1            120 mg
Vitamin B3            210 mg
Vitamin B6            130 mg
Vitamin B12            0.6 mg
Vitamin C            5 g
Niacin                600 mg
Calcium D Pantothenate    900 mg
Folic acid            60 mg
Calcium            393 g
Phosphorous            152 g
Iron                1.3 g
Zinc                 455 mg
Manganese            65 mg
Copper                66 mg
Iodine                11 mg
Cobalt                660 mg
Potassium            10 mg
Magnesium            1.2 g
Sodium            5 g
Selenium            30 mg
L-Lysine            7.5 g
Xylanase            400000 U
Cellulase            5000 U
Glucanase            5000 U
Pectinase            12500 U
Phytase            25000 U
Galactosidase            15000 U
Galactosidase            12500 U
Amylase            75000 U
Protease            25000 U
Lipase                15000 U
Probiotics            105 X 109 CFU

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