Feed/ Gut Probiotic

More than 50 % of the aquaculture input, accounts to feed. But if these feeds are not utilized effectively by the culturing organisms, there always results a poor production. In order to make the best utilization of feed it is always better to make a healthy condition in the gut of shrimp. Pond water often harbors various pathogenic microorganisms. They easily get into the gut of the shrimp along with the feed and other food organisms and give rise to various diseases. These pathogens dominate the friendly lumen micro flora of the gut of shrimp and damage the mucosa, which results in poor absorption of nutrients, containing in feed. Animals lose appetite and do not feed, which gives a poor production and even mass mortality in certain cases. In order to overcome these problems, the product has been developed after seeing excellent positive results at repeated trials in both laboratory and farm conditions.

PRODUCT: The product contains a blend of ecofriendly and useful microorganisms which are in spore form and fortified with B-Complex Vitamins and enzymes. These microbial spores get into the gut of the shrimp along with the feed and germinate inside the lumen of the intestine of shrimp. They produce various digestive enzymes, such as protease, amylase, lipase, galactocydase, xylenes, pectinase etc., which enhances digestion and absorption of nutrients to the shrimp there by increases appetite. These microorganisms also produce various anti pathogenic microbial compounds extra-cellular, which kill the pathogenic microorganisms inside the gut. The microorganisms also help in increasing the immune system of shrimp. These microorganisms produce Vitamins, which are responsible for keeping the animals healthy.

USES: Better feed intake
    • Faster digestion and absorption of nutrients
    • Ensures healthy balanced gut micro flora
    • Suppress the anti-nutritional factors in feed increases the nutrition value of the feed
    • Reduces digestive upsets
    • Higher growth rate
    • Better food conversion ratio
    • Increases resistant to diseases
    • Higher survival rate
    • Resistant to external stress

DIRECTION OF USE: In case of wet feeds, mix the required quantity of product with feed and feed directly. In case of dry pellet feeds, mix the product with a suitable commercial binder and dry in the shade before feeding. Do not mix all the feed at a time. Mix only the daily ration.
DOSAGE: 5g. per Kg of feed.
STORAGE: Store in a cool dry place, away from direct sunlight.

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